Wednesday, January 7, 2009

It is Goodbye for Now

I find it hilarious how is so quick to claim copyright to my articles. That was not all though. Where were the others? Okay, "recent" is fine. But where were my seeds?

The story is long but perhaps my letter can explain some.

January 6, 2009


It seems that your Anti-spam Group has taken over management.

Well. I'm going to write that Newsvine is Catholic!

That's the very reason you blocked our IP.

You deleted all my seeds because of that controversial Shroud of Tourin.

I had also seeded about Catholic bishops and their sex sins. I know you didn't like that.

That is also the reason you removed Philip Garcia's article on New Year as a superstition.

Whenever your Catholic beliefs are touched, you threaten us.

And finally, you had our accounts blocked.

We will let the world know - if you cannot be fair at all.

I have said my piece.

Jane Abao

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