Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Traffic is all they know

Posted by Jane Abao 6/17/2008 11:21:04 PM
RESPONSE TO: Seven Traits of Highly Effective Community Managers
Poynter E-media tidbits

To whom do you attribute community management? To the owners of sites who are simply businessmen and nothing of being journalists, newsmen or communication people? To the site overseers who do no moderating at all with a lopsided notion of freedom of speech? To the editors of the country pages?

I have tried to lecture some powers that be in a supposedly news site that gets millions of comments everyday – as it represents almost every country. I asked them to do some moderating as some editors have complained that their countries are being torn apart. Instead, I get threads in my name calling me a drama queen because according to them there are no trolls – it is just in my head - and no rules are being broken. The thread at the same time called me a lesbian, while they sided with the trolls that wreaked havoc in my country page. When that did not work, they created another thread right in the Editors’ Forum calling me a terrorist. Still, I hope to have driven something into their coconut.

Driving traffic to one’s site? That seems to be the overall they know about community management.

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