Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Newspapers folding up nowadays


When newspapers go away
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Rod Dreher

Posted by Jane Abao @ 9:47 PM Wed, Feb 04, 2009

Newspapers folding up nowadays is part of the effect of technological developments in our midst. That they have to go is a welcome change too as news dissemination does not have to be owned just by the haves. The online media gives space and opportunity for others to publish. This is largely the reason why the advance from newspapering to online work is most welcome.

Looking at things from another perspective, it is newspapers that are the tenable records chronicler of the past. Most of them have tried to practice the craft of publishing in the most professional way like verifying sources and checking for accuracy of events compared to the more loose online publishing. A few, however, have abused through their power when they present stories attacking their enemies through selective reporting.

How do they do this? They blow up some portions while suppressing other data to fit their intentions. In effect, the true picture is not being presented.

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