Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Did I say that about Ganett?

I tried to translate a Chinese version of a metadata in Google mentioning my name and this is what I found [Extract from] -

Information Center ": In the future, the newspaper news editing room?

 10 万份的报纸收到了来自国内外读者的海量回应,以至于没有足够的人手来处理相关电子邮件和来电。 100,000 copies of newspapers from home and abroad have received a massive response to the readers, so do not have sufficient manpower to handle e-mail and calls. 而该报网站的流量 6 周内出现了前所未有的高涨。 And the flow of the newspaper Web site within six weeks of unprecedented high. 最后,迫于报道压力,相关的公共事业单位将收费降低了 30% 。 Finally, due to reported pressure on the relevant public institutions will reduce fees by 30 percent. ⑧ ⑧

虽然甘耐特集团的改革才刚刚开始,是否有成效还有待检验,但是因甘耐特在美国报业中的巨大影响,在改革消息宣布以后,华盛顿邮报也宣布将改革其健康、食品和家庭三个具有 “ 广告亲和力 ” 的版面,以更好地适应网络出版。 Although Gan Nytex Group of reform has just begun, has been successful or not remains to be tested, but because of GAN Knight in the press in the United States the tremendous impact of the reform was announced, the Washington Post also announced that it would reform its health, food and families with three "advertising affinity" layout, so as to better adapt to network publishing. ⑨ 纽约时报也宣布将整合纸质版和网络版的内容编辑。 ⑨ The New York Times also announced that it would integrate paper version and the network version of the editorial content.

  四、信息中心面临的挑战 Fourth, the challenges facing the Information Center
甘耐特集团推出的信息中心改革要获得真正的成功,还有以下困难要克服: GAN Nytex Group Information Center launched the reform to be truly successful, there are difficulties to overcome the following:

   1.“ 内容为王 ” 的原则没有改变,如何实现创新还有待探索。 1. "Content is king" principle has not changed, and how to achieve innovation has yet to be explored. 甘耐特集团 CEO 雷格 • 杜波指出:有了信息中心后, “ 新闻和信息将能通过正确的媒介传播出去,我们的顾客可以自由选择他们自己偏好的媒介来接收 ” 。 Knight Group CEO Leigedubei Gan pointed out: With Information Center, the "news and information will be transmitted through the media right away, and our customers are free to choose their own preferred medium to receive." 甘耐特集团旗下《辛辛那提问询者》报记者乔治 • 科特( Gregory Korte )说: “ 未来的报纸将需要更多的计算机编程人员,而不是文字编辑 ” 。 GAN Knight Group's "Cincinnati inquiries" journalists Jiaochikete (Gregory Korte) said: "The future of newspapers will need more computer programmers, rather than the text editor." 但美国波因特研究所( )的专栏评论家简 • 阿宝( Jane Abao )则认为,在目前的技术背景下,提供跨平台的内容不难实现,在商业上也很精明,但是当今时代,问题的关键不在于传播平台的多样性,问题在于这些媒介所传播的内容本身。 However, the United States Poynter Institute ( column A Bao commentator Jane (Jane Abao) that in the context of current technology, providing cross-platform content it is not difficult to achieve, which is quite smart business, but In contemporary times, the crux of the problem does not lie in the diversity communications platform, the problem is that these media by the spread of the content itself.

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